Vintage Specialist. 60's and 70's sports watch expert

i have been working with watches for around 15 years. Many knew me as Heuerboy as it was The Heuer brand that inittially got me so addicted to watches. i used to run a website called Heuerboy.com which i have re-loaded partially for nostalgia. I have a Good reputation and many references for me and my work. Unusually one of the only vintage watch dealers thats also a watchmaker.

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Im not a good writer, so discriptions are breif. If there is a watch you are interested in please ask any question you may have or for more photos. i know you would have done your homework so fire away :)

I Dont pretend to be good at web design or a pro at photography but i am good with watches! Honesty is the best Policy

All watches i sell i offer a full refund if the buyer is dissatified within one week of purchase. watches carry a 12 month guarentee.